Jack the Baker was another child that the Asdfs met while playing Team Fortress 2 (TF2). While Jack was a bit older than McLovin and Neville the Babbling Baby, some fans noted similarities between the three. Jack is a fan of VenturianTale, Markiplier, and animations made with Garry's Mod. He also enjoys Nyan Cat videos. Jack also has trouble recognizing people in the voice department at times.

During the video, Jack said that he was located in Australia, but some fans mentioned that his accent was closer to New Zealanders than Australians. Alongside TF2, Jack also played Garry's Mod with the Asdfs.

Unlike McLovin and Neville the Babbling Baby, Jack was not killed at the end of the video; instead, he abruptly left a voice chat with Dokudokus. It's uncertain if he ever talked to the Asdfs again.