Neville the Babbling Baby (also known as Neville) is a child who met the Asdfs through TF2. Many fans of the Asdfs likened him to McLovin, another child that the Asdfs met in a Garry's Mod Halo roleplay server. Neville mostly sang and made odd noises on the server, but he would occasionally communicate with his team and the Asdfs.

The last time Neville was seen, Dokudokus said "Neville, hello", which caused Neville to repeatedly say "I didn't do it!". It's unclear what prompted him to say this, but the video ended abruptly with a picture of Neville and a caption that said "In memoriam, the one we love, Neville", indicating that Neville may have been killed by an enemy player later in the game. His fate still remains unknown.